Tarte Tarteist PRO Glow Palette and PRO Glow to Go Palette - Review and Swatches

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The PRO Glow and PRO Glow to Go Palettes were launched late 2016 as part of the Tarteist Collection.  Both are highlight and contour palettes with one smaller in size. I'll be comparing the two and providing swatches. 

PRO Glow Palette ($45 USD/$59 CDN):

This highlight and contour palette includes six powder and cream shades to create a glowing chiseled face.  It is housed in a soft matte black palette and opens up to include two thin mirrors on the inside panels.  It features four highlighters, one cream contour and one powder contour shade.  I love the feel of the palette but it gets dirty with fingerprints quite easily.  I was a little skeptical about the highlight shades creating fall out into the cream contour but I haven't experienced that as yet.  The highlighter shades range from a frosted to metallic finish.  I love metallic highlighters so this palette is definitely a winner.  Lit, Fire and Stunner are amongst my favourites.  I think this palette is very unique because most of my contour kits don't include metallic highlighters but more setting powders and most highlighter palettes I own, don't include contour shades.  You can shop this palette at Sephora, Tarte and Ulta.

Shades: (via Tarte.com)

  • Lit (champagne highlight)
  • Strobe (pearl highlight)
  • Fire (bronze highlight)
  • Stunner (opalescent highlight)
  • Shade (cream contour)
  • Sculpt (powder contour)
Swatched in the order listed above

Swatched in the order listed above

PRO Glow to Go Palette ($23 USD/$30 CND):

This is a portable highlight and contour palette that features three shades; two highlighters and one contour colour.  It comes in a thin black velvet like cardboard palette.  I've been reaching for this palette a lot lately for the convenience of having both the highlighter and contour shade in one tool.  Both highlighters have a frosted finish and I love the intense highlight it gives to my cheeks without any fading.  They have a soft and smooth texture that blends well and doesn't emphasize pores.  I like to combine the two shades as 'Burst' is a little on the powdery side.  'Chisel' (I love that name choice, very fitting), the contour shade has a matte brown finish with warm undertones.  It works well on my skintone but it is not very buildable; however it is pigmented enough that you don't need to build upon it.   You can shop this palette at Sephora, Tarte and Ulta.

Shades: (via Tarte.com)

  • Gleam (pearl highlight)
  • Burst (shimmering sand highlight)
  • Chisel (matte contour)
Swatched in order listed above

Swatched in order listed above

Final thoughts:

I love these two palettes equally.  One I purchased and the other was gifted to me.  Thankfully each palette contains different shades but they are similar.  They both are compact for travel but obviously the PRO Glow to Go is more ideal for travel.  If you own many contour kits or on a budget, I would recommend the PRO Glow to Go palette.  On the other hand, the Glow to Go is more versatile with more highlighter shades and a cream contour.  However it comes at a heavy price point which in my opinion is too much in Canadian dollars but Tarte.com usually has some good sales going on.  Does one require both?  Probably not; it comes down to personal choice and needs.  I personally reach for the Pro Glow to Go more due to is compact size for everyday looks and the Pro to Glow more dramatic looks. 

Do you own any of the Pro Highlight and Contour Palettes or plan to purchase any?



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