Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette - Review, Photos and Swatches


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The Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture palette is one of the most controversial palettes this summer.  The palette has received a ton of underwhelming reviews, and there has been a lot backlash on the formula and fallout.   Keep reading to see if this palette was a hit or miss for me.


Subculture retails for $42 USD and $55 CAD and is available for sale at Sephora, and other retailers that sell the brand.  The palette features 14 shadows that range from "grungy mattes to bold metallics with an underground edge".  The shades have ultra-matte, duo-chrome and metallic finishes.  The palette has a velvet texture on the outside similar to the Modern Renaissance palette.  Subculture is a permanent palette that was advertised as the sister to the Modern Renaissance.  However, the two palettes are not alike.  This is the first time the brand has used an automatic pressing system for making the shadows and some shadows weren't pressed hard enough resulting in fall out.  When using pure pigments you can expect some fall out.  I didn't experience a ton of fallout like some videos I've seen.  You really need a light hand to avoid the excessive powdery mess.  The shadows are super pigmented but faded quickly on the eyes.  There was too much inconsistently between the shades.  Some were drier, or more pigmented than others.  It was hard to blend the shades out and some applied patchy.  The metallics and duo chrome shadows were a disappointment.  Even with Mac's fix+ the pigmentation wasn't great.

FullSizeRender (35).jpg
FullSizeRender (38).jpg

Cube - Duo chrome pink pearl

Dawn - Ultra-matte sand

Destiny - Ultra-matte sage green

Adorn - Metallic bronze

All Star - Ultra-matte vintage wine

Mercury - Ultra-matte slate grey

Axis - Ultra-matte blue-green

FullSizeRender (39).jpg

Roxy - Ultra matte muted coral

Electric - Duo chrome lime-gold

Fudge - Ultra-matte warm bronze

New Wave - Ultra-matte citron orange

Untamed - Ultra-matte tarnished green

Edge - Ultra-matte gold mustard

Rowdy - Ultra-matte blackened purple

Used Destiny and Untamed in the crease, New Wave on the lids and All Star on the lower lash line.  ABH Spice lipstick on the lips.

Used Destiny and Untamed in the crease, New Wave on the lids and All Star on the lower lash line.  ABH Spice lipstick on the lips.

I love all of Anastasia's products and I own many her eyeshadow palettes.  Unfortunately, this palette was a miss for me.  It requires a lot of work to diffuse or blend the shades.  I feel there are many other eyeshadows out there that perform much better and require less effort.  As a whole, the colour scheme of the palette is very pretty but in reality, they are not that cohesive.  I don't see myself creating a variety of looks.  I'm not sure if there were bad batches sent out or manufacturing issues, but the brand has yet to announce if the palette will be re-released with a new formula.  So was the palette worth $60 ($55 plus tax)?  I would have to say no and that's why I have returned my palette.

Did you purchase palette or passed on it?  Let me know your thoughts below.



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