Generation Beauty Toronto: Outfits

Whenever I have an invite to any type of event, the first thing I think is “what am I going to wear?”   So needless to say I had my outfits for Generation Beauty planned out for a while.  With so many of my favourite brands and other influencers in attendance, I felt I had to look my best.  

Generation Beauty was a two day event and I was also invited to the Cocktail party they had for stylists.  Outlined below are the three outfits I wore.  I definitely learned my lesson for day 2, which was to dress light and not to wear heels!

Day 1:

This outfit was inspired by Desi Perkins because I was so excited to meet her.  She often wears long coats and bodysuits.  She mentions The Windsor Store in a lot of her fashion post which is where my bodysuit is from.


Stylist Cocktail Party: 

Here's my spin on your typical little black dress look. I paired a polka dot see through bodysuit with a midi micro suede skirt. I love that bodysuits are trending right now.

Day 2:

I was going for more a stylish comfortable look here.

Any questions let me know below.

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