N.Y.M.P.H. Not Your Mama’s Panty Hose All Over Body Highlighter - Aphrodite


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Huda Beauty has just released her newest glow product - N.Y.M.P.H. - Not Your Mama’s Panty Hose.  It is an all-over face and body highlighter that was created to give you radiant looking skin.  The glow obsessed junkie in me is always striving to achieve the ultimate glow but who isn’t?  I’m so glad that more brands are releasing their own versions of body shimmers/lavas.  I’ve been on the hunt for a good body shimmer and I didn’t want to splurge on the Fenty Lava.  After watching multiple videos I decided to try out N.Y.M.P.H. which I picked up during the Sephora Spring Sale Event. 

The N.Y.M.P.H All Over Body Highlighter was inspired by Beyonce because she wears shiny pantyhose whenever she performs that make her legs look golden.  N.Y.M.P.H was created to give you that look without the fabric.  It retails for $62 CAD and $49 USD at Sephora and Shophudabeauty.com.  There are three available shades ranging from light to dark.  The formula contains 30% light-reflecting pearl pigments that is said to be water and transfer resistant.  I purchased the shade Aphrodite which is a golden-bronze shimmer.


A lot of bloggers are swearing by this as a face primer, Huda included.  I’ve tested this out as a primer and I find the texture too thick.  It adds texture and emphasizes my imperfections.  It works better when mixed into moisturizer to thin it out.  I find it blurs my imperfections better this way but not completely.  With that said, I don’t wear foundation so maybe it works better when layered with foundation and if you like that caked look.  I personally prefer the Marc Jacob’s Dew Drops/primer combo.  Now as for a body highlighter, it makes your skin look nice and tan once you figure out how to work with it.  The formula dries very quickly making it hard to blend and can look patchy.  It also looks arid; I would prefer a healthy hydrated glow. On the chest and legs, it emphasizes texture. When applied to my bare legs, they looked scaly and I would be embarrassed to leave the house like that. I heard it applies best with the N.Y.M.P.H Body Blur & Glow Brush which retails for $42 CAD.  If I’m dropping money on a product I expect it to work with any brush without having to spend additional money on a tool to apply it with.  When applied with/over oil or moisturizer it applies better.  It thins it out and gives a more sun-kissed sheen.  Is it transfer proof? No, some pearl particles transfer on clothing and if you pass your hands over the product, you will definitely get glitter on you but no colour transfer.



Applied over oil vs nothing

Applied over oil vs nothing

After trying the N.Y.M.P.H. - Not Your Mama’s Panty Hose Body Highlighter, I wish I picked up the Patrick Ta Major Body Glow Oil instead. I’m not too upset about it not working as a primer because that’s not what I bought it for. Your skin needs to be exfoliated and oiled up for this highlighter to look good.

Have you tried the N.Y.M.P.H. - Not Your Mama’s Panty Hose Body Highlighter? What are your thoughts?



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